They put a sock on him and left him to survive on the pipes in the cold.

They put a sock on him and left him to survive on the pipes in the cold.

Take the animal away from home and leave it — this is done quite often in our country. Someone thinks who the animal will easily get used to on the street, others believe that caring people will quickly pick it up, and most don’t even think, they just leave the pet in an unfamiliar place and quickly leave.

That’s exactly what happened this time. A one-year-old cat was thrown out into the street, despite the rain.

I was told about this cat by my grandmother, who feeds street cats. Her story was interrupted by sobs all the time. The cat settled on the pipes of the heating main and tried to keep warm, clinging to them and not looking for shelter either in rain or snow. A month of life on the street greatly affected the animal, it began to hurt, almost lost its hair.

The grandmother knitted the baby a sweater to keep him warm, but she could not take him home. The older woman, often more, is in hospitals, and there will simply be no one to take care of the cat at this time.

The woman was crying and asking for help. I took the cat. For a month of street life, he acquired a dozen diseases. While the cat is just sleeping or lying, not particularly moving, I even have to carry it in my arms to the toilet.

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