They are cold and hungry. Nobody needs kids, doomed, humiliated. And people did it.

They are cold and hungry. Nobody needs kids, doomed, humiliated. And people did it.

Look into the eyes of these animals. How much resentment they have for the whole world. They have nowhere to keep warm and nothing to eat. Nobody needs them at all and are doomed to loneliness and humiliation. This is the work of a man who played enough, and then got rid of them, like a boring toy.

All in the mud, exhausted by street life, they are constantly in search of food and a secluded lodging for the night. In the future, they will turn into dogs, angry at people for their existence. This puppy and kitten just recently found themselves on the street. They still respond to their nicknames, and live in the hope that the owner will take them back to a warm house, where they will have plenty of food and proper care.

But this never happened. They spent the night in a barn and stole food, for which they were severely punished. To alleviate his fate, the puppy nailed to other stray dogs that people were afraid of. The puppy had an irresistible desire to bite people for their betrayal. Street dogs ran around the city, exhausted by hunger and frozen in the cold, hating the people who had abandoned them even more. And now they want to beat and chased them.

For some reason, the look of people was much callous than in a past life. People should understand that the number of stray dogs depends on themselves. If you are not ready to take care of an animal all your life, then you don’t need to take it to yourself. They, like you and me, are living beings with their own feelings. Let’s be a little kinder to our smaller brothers, because they need our care, just like our children.

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