The woman saved the lion before he left this world and he touchingly said goodbye to her.

The woman saved the lion before he left this world and he touchingly said goodbye to her.

A lion named Jupiter lives in Colombia, in one of the best animal shelters in the country.

The lions at the shelter are cared for by Anna Julia Torres. She has 4 lions, 9 tigers, jaguars, cougars, crocodiles, a bear and even one ostrich in her care.

The shelter is home to a chimpanzee, several monkeys and even birds. Anna has a lot of different wards, but they all have a common feature — before they did not know what a good attitude is and saw only evil from people. Most of the animals that Anna takes care of have serious injuries that will stay with them for life, others manage to be cured both physically and psychologically.

Anna has two children, but every animal that gets into the shelter, she also perceives as her child and makes every effort to help them. There are more than 800 animals in the shelter, but Jupiter, according to Anna herself, was her favorite. Jupiter worked in a circus where he was treated cruelly. Because of the bullying by the man, the lion did not trust anyone around, he was afraid of people and in every possible way avoided communicating with them.

Anna showed tact and care, she was able to win the trust of the lion, over time, Jupiter’s phobia disappeared without a trace. After a while, Jupiter was taken from the shelter to the zoo. This happened due to the fact that Anna did not have documents for the animal and she did not notify the authorities about this. Vladi from Jupiter got bored and stopped eating, he lost a lot of weight and began to get sick.

The animal was sent to another zoo, where there were opportunities for observation and treatment. The conclusions of the veterinarians were disappointing — the lion has liver cancer, which is not treatable. Anna came to the zoo to visit her pet, a few days later Jupiter passed away. The woman says that she will always remember him with special tenderness.

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