The timid kitten was rescued from euthanasia and he asks to be hugged always

The timid kitten was rescued from euthanasia and he asks to be hugged always

A new home and human care turned the shy kitten into a confident pet.

A resident of Montreal, Mia, saw on the network a call for help for a redhead kitten. The two month old girl needed a home and care. Mia immediately agreed to take the baby.

The cat was small and weak, she could hardly stand on her paws and in every possible way avoided looking at people. Mia immediately took the animal to the veterinarian and informed the animal rights activists about it. The girl was named Angie.

The doctors found not only dehydration and exhaustion in the cat, but also ticks and fleas. Angie was put on a drip and fed from a syringe — the kitty refused to eat on her own .

Thanks to the help of doctors, Angie’s physical condition gradually began to improve. As soon as the threat to life passed, and the daily help of veterinarians was not needed, Angie went to overexposure. During the day, the baby was looked after, because she still did not eat on her own, and her appetite had not recovered, so it was important to make sure that Angie didn’t miss feeding time. Angie also needed to be given antibiotics for the infection she found and drugs for anemia, but most of all the animal needed love.

Only after a while the kitten began to eat on its own, the activity and playfulness characteristic of babies of this age returned to it. According to zoo defenders, if Angie hadn’t fallen into the hands of veterinarians in time, she wouldn’t have survived.

The cat quickly learned not to be afraid of people, moreover, now it constantly needs their caress and all the time ask for hands or requires hugs.

The nanny has become Angie’s favorite, she constantly strives to climb into her arms and fall asleep there. The cat already eats solid food on its own.

Just a couple of weeks of love and care turned a frightened animal into a cheerful kitten, presenting its love to everyone around.

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