The story of a smiling dog.

The story of a smiling dog.

Volunteers were called and informed that there was a dog on the roadway, which was rushing among the cars. The rescuers arrived at the scene in time and caught the dog that had almost fallen under the wheels.

They took him to an animal shelter. the dog turned out to be unusually affectionate and sweet, they called him Chip. The dog stood out because he had a special appearance — he had a smile on his muzzle all the time.

The chip was photographed, and the picture was published on social networks, immediately there were many who wanted to pick it up. As a result, among all, they chose a lonely woman named Galina, who recently lost her beloved dog, who was sick. The woman, seeing the dog, immediately realized that he should live with her.

Chip, seeing Galina, immediately wagged his tail happily. Another dog of the same breed as Chip lived at the new owner’s house. Pets immediately became friends. The dog was glad that he had a girlfriend.

Now Chip has everything for a happy life: a caring hostess and a friend. No wonder he smiles all the time.

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