The story of a girl who was not afraid to shelter a baby panther.

The story of a girl who was not afraid to shelter a baby panther.

The animal world lives according to special laws. Sometimes they are too cruel. An example of this is the babies of wild animals, which are abandoned by their parents. Only a miracle or caring people can save such crumbs.

Today I will tell a story about a little panther named Luna. The poor girl’s mother treated her rather cruelly. Panther categorically refused to feed her child.

In addition, she threw the baby out of their habitat. Zookeepers found a small panther near the cage. People were sure that the baby would not survive. The poor fellow was barely breathing, she was completely cold.

After some thought, the zoo staff decided to sell the little panther. They simply wanted to get rid of the crumbs, which turned out to be not needed by their own mother.

However, everything turned out as no one expected.

One girl with an incredibly kind heart found out about the abandoned baby. She took the tiny panther into her home and gave it a chance at a new life.

The girl took care of the baby, she treated her with kindness and love. As you know, kindness works wonders.

Luna survived the shock of her mother’s betrayal and soon began to gain weight.

She got used to the new house and her mistress. Luna even began to play pranks, her dog Gretel became her accomplice in pranks.

The girl who took Luna, regularly posts her photos on social networks. The girl admits that Luna is still a prankster.

She is a predator with an indomitable temper. Once Luna even bit the hostess while feeding. Fortunately, the bite was not deep.

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