The sick and tortured dog was chained. But she was saved.

The sick and tortured dog was chained. But she was saved.

Look at this dog. From the marks on her neck, one can only guess how long she was kept on target. She even dyed her hair black.

Angela said she spotted this dog and five other unfortunate dogs in the area as she drove by.

This story took place in New Mexico. And there it is forbidden by law to keep dogs on a chain without owners. The woman immediately sought help from the Animal Welfare Coalition, and the sheriff’s department took the dogs away.

Angela said: “They found their owner. he’s in jail because he couldn’t take care of the dogs.»

Rescuers sent the dogs to the veterinary clinic. They are there today.

Violet was in critical condition. Due to the long exposure to the sun, she developed burns, and the larvae began to eat the skin.

But in general, the state of health has already improved. 

But she is very afraid of people. Apparently, the fact is that the former owners treated her badly.

“If you quickly raise your hand in front of her, she shrinks in fear, because she thinks that they want to hit her. But we can fix it.»

Angela, the clinic employee, says, “Violet is starting to get used to us. She loves to play with toys and is also very smart and curious.”

The clinic staff believes that the girl did not have time to enjoy her childhood and play enough, so now she has such an opportunity.

The dog still has some health problems. Soon she will be sterilized, and then given to a new family.

«She needs caring and kind owners.»

We are very glad that kind people saved this lovely creature.

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