The shovel was taken away, and the cat was left there to crawl near the house.

The shovel was taken away, and the cat was left there to crawl near the house.

My friends found this red cat at their dacha near Smolensk. The cat was very hungry, so she crawled closer to the people. The acquaintances had no idea how to care for such animals, but they could not simply ignore her, because it was immediately obvious that the cat would not live long without help. It was getting colder outside, and the animal was clearly in pain.

I came to pick up the cat. Malta was in poor condition, she lay almost motionless on a warm bedding in the yard, there was food and water nearby. After putting the cat in the carrier, I immediately took her to the doctor.

The veterinarian took an x-ray, which showed pneumonia and a damaged spine in two places. Someone inflicted spinal injuries on the cat, and she caught a cold already because she could not stand up and was forced to crawl on the cold ground.

In addition to everything the cat was very dirty. At home, I washed it without meeting any resistance from the animal. When I wrapped the cat in a blanket to dry, the cat fell asleep almost immediately.

The first few days Malta constantly ate, it was noticeable that, living on the street, she often went hungry.

When Malta recovered a bit, I started giving her massages and exercises. We started with a couple of movements, and came to a whole complex.

Despite all efforts, the cat still drags one paw a little.

We cured pneumonia and stomach problems, suffered from urinary problems for a while, but sterilization helped to cope with that problem.

The cat is lacquered, loves people, but because of fractures of the spine, people do not want to take her away. For now, Malta needs another x-ray to see what’s going on with her spine, as well as an ultrasound to see if the sand in her kidneys has been cleared.

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