The puppy, on which doctors practiced from 2 weeks of age, turned out to be useless.

The puppy, on which doctors practiced from 2 weeks of age, turned out to be useless.

Some of you may remember Lucky’s story. The puppy was found in Dagestan, where he was simply left on the street. Beginning veterinarians conducted experiments on animals. Lucky was only two weeks old when he fell into the hands of people who used him as a test subject.

The puppy was seen in the garbage, he was weak and helpless, wrapped in dirty bandages. A girl named Anya tried to help the poor man, but the Makhachkala veterinarians did not dare, or did not want to help him, offering only amputation of the paw, which did not work due to the experiments of their colleagues.

I understood that the dog would not survive in Dagestan, so it was decided to move Lucky to Moscow. Here he fell into the hands of real doctors who have already helped dozens of our wards.

Metropolitan experts were shocked by how the puppy was treated in Dagestan. We also could not understand how an animal could be used for experiments, and then simply thrown away as waste material.

The situation was difficult, many injuries were too neglected, so the treatment turned out to be long and not easy. The veterinarians did their best to help Lucky.

The puppy underwent two operations, a special construction was installed on the damaged paw. The doctors managed to perform a real miracle — Lucky can walk, leaning on his paw, which in Makhachkala was proposed to be simply amputated.

This story has a happy ending, because Lucky walks again, he is active and cheerful, he is not in pain. The dog again trusts people, because he learned that they are able not only to hurt, but also to show love and care.

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