The puppy bravely guarded his wounded sister lying on the road.

The puppy bravely guarded his wounded sister lying on the road.

It all happened a few months ago. The catching service was called and was informed that there were two dogs lying on the dividing strip of the carriageway. They tried to get them out of there, but one of them reacts very aggressively.

Fortunately, at the address where the animals were, the catch was on duty then with humane attitude towards our smaller brothers. The hunters immediately went to the indicated address and could hardly restrain their tears from what they saw. One of the puppies could not get up, and the second, although he was also injured, excitedly spun around her, trying to stir her up.

When the catchers started moving towards the cubs, the puppy started to defend its sister very fiercely, it fought till the end so that no one would touch her. It defended her until the end, but as a result, experienced catchers were able to calm the puppy.

The little ones underwent long and serious treatment. The boy had to stay in the clinic, as he had a more difficult case, and I saw his sister for the first time in the capture. She wasn’t walking yet, she looked like that. I didn’t even notice her in the corner of the railroad car right away. The baby was shrinking, not knowing what to expect from me.

After a while, the brother and sister recovered and it was time to look for their owners. Soon the brave boy was taken by a family from the capital, and the baby was left alone in the capture. She was worried for a long time about parting with her beloved brother, and no one wanted to take her.

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