The puppies were flooded in the ditch, but the guy saved them.

The puppies were flooded in the ditch, but the guy saved them.

That day it rained heavily all day. Natalie got off at her stop and walked quickly towards her house. But on the road, she noticed a dog that barked loudly and ran all the time to a ditch that ran beside the road and was flooded with water. After that it ran back as if asking to go with it.

Natalie realized that the animal needed help. Then the woman approached the ditch and was able to hear a squeak coming from there. A pipe passed through the ditch and in it were puppies that swam in the water.

Natalie noticed a guy passing by and asked for help. The young man’s name was Tony and he was not afraid to go down into the ditch to save the babies who were born recently. It turned out that three did not survive, but four Natalie tried to bring to life with the help of massage and rubbing.

Until Tony pulled all the puppies out of the pipe, the dog continued to bark, not leaving the ditch. The woman decided to take the whole family to her home, and when they grow up, find families for the puppies.

Natalie made a separate corner for the mother-dog and her babies, so that they would be warm and comfortable. Fortunately, four puppies survived and slept peacefully next to their mother.

Thank God that there are still people in the world who care and are always ready to help.

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