The owners stopped letting the cat out for a walk after he brought one note in the collar.

The owners stopped letting the cat out for a walk after he brought one note in the collar.

Some cats simply cannot sit at home, despite the fact that they are given a lot of time and attention, they are still drawn to the street. Such was the cat named Gandalf, who lives in a small town in Wales.

The pet was a mixture of a Russian blue cat with a Bengal, therefore, it had a beautiful appearance that was striking. The cat was adored by its owners — a young couple. Gandalf never gave anybody any problems until one incident that happened last summer.

As usual, the cat decided to take a walk, and the owners let him out into the street, but he returned home later than usual, and a note of an angry nature was attached to his collar. In the note, the man turned to the owners of Gandalf and there was a lot of anger in it. Who wrote, asked the owners to keep the cat at home and not let him out anymore. It seems like a pet enters the house and steals food from the table, scratches furniture and fleas appeared in the house because of it. There was also a threat in the letter that if the cat once again went to the one who wrote to the house, he would simply take the pet out of town and leave it there.

After reading this, the owners were shocked. Their cat never tore at home furniture or steal food from the table. About everything, too, turned out to be untrue. The owners took the cat to the veterinary clinic and did not find any fleas there.

It became clear that the letter was written by some inadequate person or a person who hates cats. After this note, the owners are afraid to let their pet out into the street and he has to be bored within four walls. After all, they are afraid that something bad can be done to the cat. The couple would like to talk to the person who wrote this message, but he does not get in touch and this is understandable.

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