The owner-seller mistreated the cat. Seeing this, the former military decided to buy it.

The owner-seller mistreated the cat. Seeing this, the former military decided to buy it.

From a distance, it seemed that the seller of watermelons was playing with a small kitten. The seller patted the baby by the stomach, and he writhed, trying to free himself from such attention.

Oleg stood in line to buy vegetables and looked at the game between the cat and the man. The profession to which Oleg devoted most of his life was given out in him by a military bearing. The man did not plan to buy a watermelon at all, but it was boring to stand in line, so he unwittingly began to listen to the conversations around him. Two girls were talking to a watermelon seller.

Just look what he does to them. He has these kittens like circus ones, they jump over their own heads,- one of the girls said with amusement in her voice.

— I even conducted an experiment, no matter how you throw them, they land on their paws. It’s true, I threw them in every way,- the guy said in response.

Oleg took a closer look at the whole company and it became obvious to him that the man with the kitten was not playing at all. the hand shakes the animal not delicately, but cruelly, and the kid does not play, but tries to dodge the blows and escape.

“He could have run away, although he might have gotten used to such kicks in exchange for food,” Oleg reasoned.

Unexpectedly for himself, Oleg went to the counter with watermelons and turned to the seller:

— Sell me a kitten.

Surprise appeared on the face of the seller, obviously, he was not ready for such a turn of events and did not know how much to ask for the animal. He was afraid to assign a large amount, because the buyer could change his mind, but he did not want to miss his profit.

For the cat was assigned an amount of 300 rubles. Oleg immediately gave the money and took the cat for himself. Almost immediately, the baby received a name — Watermelon.

The kitten settled comfortably in Oleg’s arms, he looked around and tried to understand what had happened and what to expect next. The cat was wary of people, because he knew that they could offend greatly.

It was difficult for the kitten to believe that people could be kind, but even Oleg’s three-year-old grandson knew that one should not offend those who were weaker, so the cat had nothing to fear. It is a pity that the seller of watermelons did not know such simple truths.

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