The owner left her only a jacket and left the dog on the street.

The owner left her only a jacket and left the dog on the street.

This dog is out of luck. When she became old, her master simply left her on the road and left. The dog was left completely alone, she was frightened and confused. The owner left a warm jacket beside her and she had no choice but to lie down on it and wait, although she did not understand what she was waiting for.

It turned out that the mongrel was not waiting in vain and a miracle happened to her. The dog was seen by people who were engaged in helping animals. Volunteers were very surprised that she was lying in a crowded place, but no one wanted to help her.

Volunteers found a jacket near the dog, to which the animal had very reverent feelings because it did not even dare to move away from it. This is how people realized that the thing belongs to the former owner of the animal. The clothes smelled the same as the owner, so the mongrel treasured them.

— This dog definitely had a home and an owner before, he probably left her a jacket as a “gratitude” for years of service. The dog refused to leave, but as soon as we moved the jacket, she immediately followed her, — said the volunteers.

Animal rights activists took the dog to a Panamanian shelter, where the age-old animal was finally provided with medical assistance.

The dog was given the nickname Honey, she received not only the care and treatment, but also the attention she needed so much. As it turns out, love is the best of medicines.

Despite her age, Honey quickly began to recover, gain weight and even acquire a new, beautiful coat. The dog is very active and cheerful, it responds to the care of people with love and affection.

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