The oldest cat in the world Nutmeg — he is 31 years old.

The oldest cat in the world Nutmeg — he is 31 years old.

Finley married couple found an ordinary yard cat back in 1990. They called him Nutmeg. On examination by the veterinarian, the couple learned that the tailed cat was about 5 years old. Finley decided that the day they found Nutmeg would be his birthday and that day he turned 5 years old .

They loved the striped furry cat very much.

The couple said that the cat has a saturated and interesting life. Every day he woke up them at five in the morning to be fed.

The couple wants to officially confirm the age of their pet, so they draw up special papers. After they complete that, the cat will be recognized as the oldest cat in the world.

Despite such an advanced age, by human standards he is 140 years old, Nutmeg still loves to play, he is active, cheerful and loves to be stroked .

The cat survived a mini-heart attack. Thanks to the professionalism of the doctor, everything ended for Nutmeg without consequences.

And the family infinitely loves their cat and cannot imagine their life without him.

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