The old dog walked and did not touch anyone, suddenly there was a “boom” and he fell on the snow.

The old dog walked and did not touch anyone, suddenly there was a “boom” and he fell on the snow.

The dog was old and spent most of his life wandering the streets. Recently, he found himself a place where he spent most of his time. Wandering to his shelter, the dog heard a pop, after which he simply settled on a snowy road.

The girl called closer to the night. It was clear from her voice that she was very excited. The girl asked to help the dog, who suffered from a man, because otherwise he would simply die.

This is what the caller told us: “The dog’s name is Jack and he hasn’t been up since morning. We noticed a wound on his body, it seems that someone shot at him and this is a bullet mark. I don’t understand, who did he annoy so much? The dog appeared in the village not so long ago, he is thoroughbred, probably lost, although no one was interested in him. The dog is old, maybe she was kicked out of the house…

Jack found a shelter under the balcony and was going there in the morning when there was a bang, and then the dog just fell.

My neighbor and I just sheltered him, because it was cold outside and started looking for someone to help. We don’t have a veterinarian in the village, so we called different clinics nearby. One doctor advised us to give the dog pills, and another gave your number. The pills didn’t help much, so we decided to give you a call before it’s too late.»

While waiting for Jack’s arrival, we decided that we would take him to Perm, because there are more chances to find a doctor. Local veterinary clinics refused to accept the dog, citing queues and pre-booking, but Jack clearly could not wait…

We had to drive a couple of hundred kilometers to Perm, but this was our only hope.

Closer to midnight, the girl and her friend brought Jack. The dog turned out to be a large hound who could no longer stand on his hind legs. What caused us later told the veterinarian.


We got to the doctor only the next morning and, barely looking at the dog, the veterinarian said that she would need to be in the hospital. I had to take money for the clinic, reducing other items of expenditure, but they are sorely lacking. X-rays showed many healed air gun marks, bite marks, and a recent hip fracture. Doctors also saw several neoplasms in the picture.


On examination, Jack behaved apathetically, it was clear that he was very tired of such a life.

While it is necessary to wait for the results of the tests, it depends on them whether the dog will have an operation and whether it will be possible to save him from suffering.

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