The neighbor's cat saved a man from a heart attack: she came to visit and did not leave him.

The neighbor’s cat saved a man from a heart attack: she came to visit and did not leave him.

This January morning was no different from the previous ones. Peter had been minding his own business since morning when he heard someone scratching at his door. Behind the door was Chaquers, a cat that belonged to the man’s neighbors, the cat often walked in Peter’s yard, but never entered the house. The man was surprised by her behavior, because the cat not only scratched at the door, but also cried loudly. Peter decided to let the animal in.

The cat began to curl around the man’s legs and rub against him. Chakuers followed the owner of the house everywhere, not losing sight of him for a single minute. The animal behaved very strangely, which greatly puzzled the man. Suddenly, Peter felt a pain in his chest.

For the first minutes, he did not attach importance to the pain, but it did not pass, and he decided to call an ambulance. Peter says that in many ways, the decision to call the doctors was made because of the cat, because he has read stories that animals can sense diseases and warn about them.

The doctors who came to the rescue said that the man made the call just in time. Peter was taken to the hospital and operated on, but he eventually recovered. Doctors diagnosed Peter with a second heart attack. The man says that he owes his salvation to the neighbor’s cat and is very grateful to her for her unexpected visit.

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