The musician rescued and adopted 9 cats: now they give him inspiration every night.

The musician rescued and adopted 9 cats: now they give him inspiration every night.

This story is about a man whose heart contains love for 9 cats at once. He gave each of them his home, care and love. Cat owners know that these animals have an extremely complex character and even one cat at home requires a lot of patience and attention. Keeping 9 cats is a huge amount of work, and also small financial costs.

Saper Duman, a resident of Istanbul, was not afraid of the huge number of problems associated with keeping cats, because in his life there are two main hobbies — music and cats. Every day the man went to work, and every evening he sat down at the piano to improve his skills. Although work and a favorite thing took almost all of his day, the man still found time to help homeless animals. 9 cats live in his house, which he found on the street.

All Minesweeper’s pets are of different ages, their fates are also different. Whom he just met on the street, others he found in the garbage heap dirty and hungry, others were literally dying from injuries and illnesses and no one wanted to take care of them. The man gave care, love and home to each of his pets.

Surprisingly, there are no conflicts between Minesweeper’s pets, on the contrary, cats are friends, eat, play and sleep together, and also, every evening they gather around their owner and listen to him play the piano. Minesweeper says they are the best possible listeners.

The man loves to talk about his cats, he knows each of them thoroughly. Although Minesweeper loves all his pets, he still has favorites: a blind cat and a kitten who was the last to enter his house. A blind animal has heightened hearing, so a man often brings it to an open window so that the cat can study the world by its sounds. The little kitten, according to Minesweeper, loves music very much, when a man plays the piano, the kid tries to press the keys with him.

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