The mother cat returned five times to the house of fire to save each of her babies.

The mother cat returned five times to the house of fire to save each of her babies.

The story took place in 1996. The whole world then learned about the cat named Scarlett, because she made a real maternal feat. The cat lived quietly in a garage in the Brooklyn area, but one night her home was set on fire by unknown people.

One of the passers-by called the rescue service and a fire brigade immediately arrived. Rescuers noticed that a cat had already run into and out of the burning garage several times. Each time she carried a kitten about a month old in her teeth. At the same time, Scarlett did not want to go into her arms and continued to rush into the fiery element, after she brought the next baby to a safe place.

This was the look of a mother cat after saving her kittens.

Despite burnt ears and whiskers, burns on the pads of her paws, clouding of the cornea of ​​her eye, Scarlett continued to throw herself into the flames until she brought out the last fifth kitten. And she could not do otherwise, because only one baby was placed in her teeth. When the cat took out the last one, she didn’t see anything anymore. She buried her muzzle in each kitten to make sure that everyone was saved by touch. Only then did she lose consciousness. Firefighters were amazed that the animal is capable of such self-sacrifice. They quickly took Scarlett to the vet, where they were able to save her.

A famous New York newspaper wrote about the incident. This was the reason for raising money for the treatment of the furry heroine. I would also like to say that the kittens found owners very quickly. And the cat after the treatment was taken by a woman who, in an interview with representatives of animal rights activists, said that she would take care of her like a child.

Karen did not break her word — Scarlett lived with her in complete safety and love. Readers’ polls were also conducted, according to which the mother-heroine was recognized as the «Cat of the Century».

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