The mestizo of the Chinese crested dog turned out to be useless.

The mestizo of the Chinese crested dog turned out to be useless.

Ann was born a little more than six months ago. She has not yet grown up from the age of a puppy, and does not know how to behave correctly, frightened, and even depressed. She was kicked out into the street. Why did people treat her so cruelly.

it was probably abandoned by the breeders of this breed. Ann is very different from the bright representatives of her breed. Dogs like him are not often born, and he is already an unusual phenomenon. But selling such a dog will be more difficult. Yes, such breeds are isolated from the general population, but they do not bring income, they require special care. Therefore, they will decide to get rid of them in that way.

As everyone understands, Ann will not last long on the street. Street life is favorable to the strongest individuals, and this is a confirmed fact. And Ann is a quiet and insecure puppy. Therefore, a wandering life cannot give her anything good. Her chances of surviving are slim. I would like to add that Ann has an unusual appearance and shocks those around her. At first glance, it may seem that it is some kind of animal unknown to nature.

On her face she has a fluffy hair of a reddish hue, and her body is dark and there is completely no wool on it, which is characteristic of her breed. Such, as Ann, are very rare. maybe among you there are connoisseurs of the special beauty that this amazing dog has, and Ann will find a real family.

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