The man threw the puppies in the suitcase, but the loving mother dog saved her babies

The man threw the puppies in the suitcase, but the loving mother dog saved her babies

An incredible incident happened in America, which again proves that dogs are much more merciful and kinder than people. The man, whose name was Gordon Davis, decided to throw away the offspring of his pet Hannah. She gave birth to six cubs.

He put all the puppies in an old suitcase and left it near the dumpsters. However, this is not the end of such an egregious story. This heartless man left his dog Hannah in the same place. He tied her with a leash and threw her next to her offspring.

Hannah was an incredibly intelligent dog. Of course, she immediately realized that the owner had betrayed her. However, she did not have time for sadness and despair. The young mother urgently needed to save her cubs. The dog began to howl, whine and scratch the suitcase. She desperately wanted to help her babies and get them out of there.

Soon people noticed Hannah. They managed to open the suitcase just at the time when it was already running out of air. The puppies miraculously managed to stay alive.

This cruel man who abandoned his dog along with the puppies made only one mistake in his cruel plan. He chose a suitcase that had a label with his name and surname glued on it. The man was quickly found and he suffered a well-deserved punishment.

USA law states that for such cruelty to animals, a man will receive three months in prison and a large fine. The attacker denies his guilt. He claims that he gave the dogs to his friend.

All dogs were given to loving families. This touching story about a dog’s mother heart was quickly recognized on the Internet.

The heart of a mother, be it an animal or a person, is the most loving and kind in the world.

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