The man just stroked the homeless dog, and he lay down and cried.

The man just stroked the homeless dog, and he lay down and cried.

In big cities, stray animals have long become a part of the local ecosystem, and every year the number of those who are thrown out of their homes on the city streets only grows. They get rid of animals for various reasons, but they become homeless not through their own fault, but because of human cruelty.

The chances of being on the street are higher for sick dogs or those who require a lot of attention.

Animals also don’t have to count on the kindness of passers-by. Most city dwellers are so accustomed to stray animals that they simply don’t pay attention to them. People ignore homeless animals, and they are forced to look for food for themselves in garbage cans.

But there are also those who cannot ignore the sufferings of our smaller brothers. Once in the city they started talking about the fact that a shepherd was trapped and now the animal is in pain and torment. The dog was really emaciated and looked very tired.

Volunteers went to the river channel to save the animal. When they found the shepherd dog, it hardly moved and when one of the volunteers simply stroked it, tears rolled from the animal’s eyes. The dog simply forgot that in addition to cruelty and indifference, people can also emanate love and kindness.

The rescued shepherd dog was named Biggie, she recovered after her wanderings and found a new, loving family.

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