The man fed the little redhead cat, and he decided to stay with him forever

The man fed the little redhead cat, and he decided to stay with him forever

This story happened with one small redhead kitten and a man. The fluffy chose himself his own master. A story happened with an artist named Michael who lives in Chicago. On that day, he decided to mix colors for his painting in his backyard garden .

Michael was very keen on his occupation, so he didn’t immediately pay attention to the redhead sitting on the fence. The kitten very calmly and carefully watched how the artist worked. Michael decided to feed the fluffy. While the baby was eating, the man again went about his business, so he did not notice how the animal left. Then he realized that he felt sorry for the kitten and that it was necessary to help the poor little thing not only with food, because it is still small, and on the street such cubs themselves rarely survive .

Michael got a second chance the next day — the kitten visited him again. The kid even allowed himself to be stroked, and then taken in his arms. All this time he looked the artist in the eye. Michael claims that it was then that he realized that the cat had chosen him.

Thus the redhead found its owner and home.The man named the pet Mel. The funniest habit a kitten has is its love of sitting on its owner’s shoulder. In this way, he resembles a parrot. Michael took a lot of pictures with Mel sitting on his shoulder. Friends and acquaintances of the artist like these pictures very much.

The kitten is also very sociable. He gets along well with all household members and other animals that live in the family. There is a special love between the redhead and Michael’s father. If the baby sees that Michael’s father is sleeping, then he immediately runs and goes to sleep on him.

Now Mel has grown up. Michael jokingly complains that his kitten is a fidget and a devil, as he arranges a pogrom at home, climbing on the curtains, dropping things. Trying to open the refrigerator and more .

But this does not prevent everyone from loving the redhead and the family is grateful that he chose Michael.

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