The leaves were for the roof, and the box was for the cradle.

The leaves were for the roof, and the box was for the cradle.

Last May, not far from my house, in one yard, a tricolor cat appeared, which someone threw away. She soon calved. The locals did not expect this. No one cared about the cat family.

Kitty gave birth to four kittens. Someone brought a box and put it in the bushes. They put a towel inside for the kittens, so to speak, made a cradle. However, not everyone was so peaceful. No one had a desire to take the kittens, the locals tried to decide where and how to do it. I learned about this from a friend. She could not take them either, since she had already taken a cat from me.

And there was forecast rain. And I imagined that they would either be taken somewhere, or they would remain in place and get wet in the downpour. That evening I went to pick them up. That’s how I got my cat family.

The cat caught a cold, although it was the end of spring, the nights were still cold. She did not allow me to approach the kittens. I placed them in a separate cage and covered them with a towel. Now two girls and two boys were at home warm. The mother cat did not have enough milk, so they had to be supplemented with artificial cat’s milk. Immunity dropped a lot, and soon I found a fungus in the ears of the kids. I started treating them.

I named the cat Amazon. After she stopped feeding the kittens, I took her to be spayed.

She definitely lived up to the street with people, but someone decided to get rid of the pregnant cat. Now she comes to play with me, no longer hisses when I take her babies.

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