The kittens lying on the street shivered from the cold, one hugged his blind brother to keep warm

The kittens lying on the street shivered from the cold, one hugged his blind brother to keep warm

You don’t have to be strong or rich to do something good. It is enough just to help the one who needs it. This is exactly what a kitten named Don did.

Found a baby in a park in London. Don hugged the blind brother Neo with his little paws. It was cold and windy outside then. So Don tried with all his might to warm his brother so that he would not freeze at all .

A man passed by and saw poor kittens. He couldn’t just get through, so he took the kids and took them to the veterinary clinic. There, doctors examined the kittens. They found that the animals were very cold and severely emaciated. The kittens were dirty, fleas and severe hunger took away their last strength.

After the veterinarians did all the necessary procedures, they said that the blind kitten would definitely not have survived without the warm paws of his brother.

In addition, Neo was diagnosed with cerebral ataxia, nervous system disorders, and movement problems.

The doctors said that the kids were very lucky that they were found and brought to their veterinary clinic. After all, they have all the necessary equipment and medicines. And just a blind kitten would not have survived without Don.

Nobody knows how long the kids spent in the cold. The main thing is that help came on time.

At the moment, the brothers are full, they arrive in warmth and comfort. They have already been rid of the parasites. For kittens volunteers are slowly looking for owners.

Don also has disturbances in the functions of the nervous system, as well as cerebral ataxia. However, veterinarians assure that this will not prevent the kitten from living fully.

Now the pets are in the London animal center. Here they were taken for overexposure. And soon they will be taken to permanent homes.

The kittens were lucky and the owners were found quickly. Now they will purr in the ear of their loved one.

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