The kitten was trimmed vibrissae and thrown out into the street.

The kitten was trimmed vibrissae and thrown out into the street.

In the evening, a kitten was thrown into the yard of a volunteer, thrown right over the fence. A large dog lives in her yard, which is not particularly friendly to the uninvited guest. But the kid was lucky, it managed to escape. Everything happened very quickly. All this happened to be seen by the volunteer’s spouse. He didn’t want to upset his soul mate, so he didn’t tell about what happened.

The next day, when the volunteer went outside the yard, she noticed a kitten on the road, which was approaching a car. She screamed, the car braked, and the kitten ran into the nearest bushes, the volunteer ran after it. She was able to catch it. The volunteer later learned that the kitten belonged to a local heavy drinking family. They constantly take pets home, do not care for them, do not feed them, and then throw them away. Why they take it is not clear.

The kitten was about two months old and very skinny. in addition, for some reason, the vibrissae were removed to the unfortunate animal. Probably, these people did not know that whiskers are very important, it is a sense organ that helps cats navigate in space.

The kitten was very hungry and thirsty. It could not tear itself away from the bowl for half an hour. The baby was very active, playful and sweet. It quickly became friends with the cats that lived in the couple’s house. It was also litter trained.

Since the fluffy was completely healthy, they decided to immediately look for the owner. Just a week later, the kitten went to a new home. It’s the only pet there so far.

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