The kitten saved the puppy and now they are inseparable.

The kitten saved the puppy and now they are inseparable.

Kitten Chad and puppy Lil Nugget ended up in a shelter on the same day. The kitten turned out to be perfectly healthy, although he was still very tiny, but Lil was found to have very serious health problems.

Lil was found and brought to the shelter by a man. He was very sorry for the baby, he almost with tears in his eyes asked the veterinarians to help Lil.

The examination showed that the baby had a high fever and extremely low glucose levels. The doctor prescribed treatment, but, unfortunately, it did not bring any results. Both the veterinarians and the shelter staff were confused and didn’t know how to help the baby.

One of the doctors decided on an unusual experiment and placed little Chad next to the sick Lil. The animals became friends from the first minutes, moreover, the presence of the kitten brought its own therapeutic effect — the puppy quickly began to recover.

Two weeks later, Lil’s illness was gone, and the puppy had a new best friend.

The veterinarian explained his unusual method of treatment by the fact that Lil was very small when he was separated from his mother, brothers and sisters. Such a separation brought stress and suffering to the baby, which did not allow the healing process to begin. Chad became Lil’s support and friend, he helped him overcome his sadness and begin to recover both mentally and physically.

Usually the puppies find a family very quickly, but for those who want to take Lil, the staff set a condition — to take Chad right away. Shelter staff are not ready to separate good friends.

The kids turned out to be lucky and the first family that came to the shelter to get acquainted with them immediately fell in love with the cute couple. Now friends live together in a new house, the owners love them and take care of them, and they are happy that they were able to find a new home and family for themselves and at the same time stay together.

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