The kitten did not even meow, he moaned in pain, asking for help from people.

The kitten did not even meow, he moaned in pain, asking for help from people.

This baby on the street was noticed by caring passers-by. The search for an overexposure for the kitten did not yield results, because he was clearly ill, no one dared to take responsibility for his health. From the photo it was clear that the baby was sick, but we could not assess how much. We noticed scabies in the pictures, but decided that it could be easily dealt with.

Under the photo of the baby in social networks, they wished him good luck, sympathized and were indignant that he was on the street, but no one offered to help.

It was decided that we would take the kitten for foster care, although it was a difficult decision because there were risks for our other wards, despite the regular treatment for parasites that we carry out.

The volunteer who picked up the kitten was in for a surprise — he turned out to be tiny, although we decided from the photo that he had already grown up. With scabies, everything also turned out to be much worse than we thought: It is likely that the cat mother, who became a victim of this disease, infected the kitten with scabies. When the kitten lost its mother, who warmed and fed him, he crawled closer to people in search of help.

The baby did not even have the strength to meow, he only moaned. The kitten was tiny, very thin, he constantly trembled and tried to meow, but the sound came out more like a faint bleat.

For his song, the kitten was named Bara. Lop-eared ears made him even more like the eponymous character in a children’s cartoon.

Bara was examined by a veterinarian, after which he went to overexposure. The kitten was shaking all the time and only in a heated cage did he calm down a bit. Sparse fur and inflamed, thin skin did not allow him to warm himself.

We have processed the kitten, there are two more of the same ahead. Together with food, we give Bara vitamins to accelerate the growth of wool, and after the baby gains strength, he will have to be vaccinated.

As soon as Bara is healthy and gains weight, we will have a photo shoot for him and start looking for owners. We are sure that many will want to take a cute lop-eared cat.

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