The guy saw a box swinging by the side of the road. It's not from the wind. It was rocked by puppies.

The guy saw a box swinging by the side of the road. It’s not from the wind. It was rocked by puppies.

Alex, one of our volunteers, went to the city to get food for the animals. On the way, he noticed a box that stood near the road itself. It seems nothing strange, but despite the lack of wind, the box was clearly rocking.

Alex decided to check what was there, although he perfectly understood that there were not many options. The man turned out to be right, because as soon as he came closer, he heard a squeak, and looking into the box he saw its source — small puppies with a very sad look.

There were five puppies, they were left near the track, away from people.

The babies squeaked and, standing on their hind legs, rocked the box, as if they understood that this was their only chance to get out of it.

There was no doubt that domestic puppies had been thrown onto the roadside: the kids were healthy, clean and very cute, it was evident that one of their parents could be thoroughbred.

About 6 months ago, Alex was already given babies, very similar to these, for overexposure. Ada was practically the twin of Sam, whom we found a home in the capital, and Alik is very similar to Mark, who is still waiting for his owners.

It became clear that the owners do not think about spaying their dogs, but simply throw puppies near the village.

Alex did not understand what to do with the puppies. During his overexposure, enteritis began, which can be dangerous for such babies, in addition, he has already taken care of hundreds of animals.

To leave the kids on the sidelines and think whether they can survive or not, the man also could not.

Alex called me, he also sent a video with the kids. We have a huge number of wards and taking 5 more babies was not part of our plans, but the puppies looked at the camera with such sad eyes.

It was decided that we were taking the puppies. I don’t know where to place them, because the overexposure is full.

Alex immediately put the kids back in the box, which he took into the car. The kids immediately calmed down, as if they realized that now they are safe.

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