The guy picked up a homeless kitten, to which a note was attached.

The guy picked up a homeless kitten, to which a note was attached.

In Malaysia, a touching story happened that touched the entire Internet. Andrew (resident of Malaysia) found a beautiful homeless kitten. This discovery influenced his life and gave happiness.

Spouses are tired of covid-19 related bans. There were no entertainment and opportunities, the couple got bored, so they decided to get a pet. This story caught the attention of the popular publication World of Buzz.

Immediately after the couple picked up the kitten, he became a full member of their family. what a surprise it was when the couple saw a note that was attached to the kitten. The note was written by a little girl.

“Dear Uncle Andrew, this kitten is called Ian. We would love to keep him, but there are already ten cats in our house, so my mother did not allow to have an eleventh kitten. Mom says that this kitten can make another person happy, so we decided to give it to you. Ian is very funny and cheerful, it will color your life with bright colors. We are sure that you will love him and take care of him, ”these words were written in the note.

This story touched many netizens. The kitten lives in the house of Andrew and his wife and pleases them with his caress and cheerful disposition.

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