The girl took a small red cub from the street and never regretted it.

The girl took a small red cub from the street and never regretted it.

Daria decided to tell about her favorites. For a long time, she and her family thought about whether to take a cat from the street. But one day the girl saw a small red kitten and realized that there was nothing to think about.

Thus, a cat appeared in Daria’s family, whom they named Fire. At first, the pet was frightened by the new environment, and it didn’t want to leave its box-bed, which the owners had made for it. It only got out when it needed to eat or go on business to its tray, which it mastered on the very first day of its stay in the house.

After a while, the cat got used to the new house, and the whole family fell in love with it.

Fire turned out to be very affectionate, sociable and cannot live without his owners. He calmly tolerates bathing and cutting his claws.

Daria sometimes gets the feeling that the cat understands everything they are talking about. She used to think that such smart animals only exist in films.

Daria’s family could not stop at one pet and soon they saw another homeless cat that they liked. They named him Michael. He lives under the tutelage of Fire, who considers himself the father of the baby.

So taking an animal from the street is not at all scary, because they will thank you with devotion and love.

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