The dog was lying in a ditch, there was no longer any strength to ask for help.

The dog was lying in a ditch, there was no longer any strength to ask for help.

We accidentally noticed a dog in a ditch, and at the same time, bad thoughts immediately arose in me. In some parts of the city there are packs of stray dogs, but they stick together, and we rarely have one dog resting in a ditch. At first it seemed to me that the dog resembled my Doll, but I was sure that she was now in a safe enclosure and could not get here.

The dog raised its head with difficulty, but immediately dropped it. I was glad that the animal was alive.

We couldn’t leave the dog, so we pulled it out of the ditch and wrapped it in a blanket. Inside, everything turned upside down from anxiety, I really wanted to be in time, I wanted to help the animal.

The dog had been suffering for a long time, she had no part of her front paw, an inflammatory process began at this place, the animal only had enough strength to breathe quietly. The condition and appearance of the dog were appalling.

The veterinarian said that the damage had been done a long time ago, the inflammatory process was also running, so the dog was immediately sent for an operation, during which part of the paw was amputated.

The night passed restlessly, despite the fact that the veterinarian gave painkillers. The dog could fall asleep only in the morning, when it was time for me to start preparing food for all my animals.

No matter what I did, for several days I had before my eyes a picture of an unfortunate dog that was dying in a ditch.hy

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