The dog was brought to a crying state and left to its own devices in the frost -30.

The dog was brought to a crying state and left to its own devices in the frost -30.

No one needed a four-year-old toy terrier, most likely due to the fact that he was disabled.

The owners did not care for the animal properly, and when this gave its sad results, they simply threw it away. Then the dog ended up in a shelter, but the institution simply does not have enough money to pay for the treatment.

In the comments, they sometimes try to justify the previous owners, they write that veterinarians have unreasonably high prices, which is why the owners were forced to throw the blind dog out into the street. It’s hard for me to accept such an excuse, can you just imagine what it’s like for a blind toy terrier to survive on the street? Can you imagine a small, short-haired dog that has to compete with packs of stray dogs for food in the garbage? I forgot to mention that it’s cold outside and the dog can’t see anything.

Bony on the street would not have lived even a couple of days.

I will not argue that the treatment at the veterinarian is expensive. Even a simple examination is not cheap, not to mention the operation. But I also understand that it does not happen that in the evening the dog is completely healthy, and by the morning he is blind and needs surgery.

The dog is still young, but its owners did not care that she was losing her sight, and when this happened, they shamelessly threw her into the street to certain death. Treating Bony is expensive, it’s cheaper just to buy a new dog.

Emotions aside, we are left with a young dog with a disability that needs treatment as soon as possible. There is no one to help Bony. I don’t know what to do, but I know that we still have a chance to save the dog’s one eye.

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