The dog was afraid to look in the eyes and trembled at the sight of people.

The dog was afraid to look in the eyes and trembled at the sight of people.

Clara is a dog that didn’t know such manifestations from people as love and care. The dog looked away, turned away and trembled when it saw a person nearby. For a long time, the thin and hungry dog ​​was content with the leftovers found on the city streets. Clara did not even dream of loving owners, because she didn’t know that such exist.

On a street in the United States, workers of an animal rescue organization found a dog. She was taken to an orphanage. Clara was diagnosed with many diseases, so they were going to put her to sleep. There were only a couple of days left before the procedure, but suddenly a photo of Clara caught the eye of Camilla. The girl’s soul «got sick» when she saw the dog and read her story.

The girl expressed a desire to take the dog from the shelter. Shortly after Camilla submitted the application, she received a call from a shelter employee. The woman was crying with joy. She said that there have been many applications lately, but no one wanted to pick up Clara .

When Camilla first saw Clara, the dog turned away from her and began to panic. It was evident that the animal never saw kindness and care. But Camilla was not scared. The girl was going to become for Clara the most loving and caring mistress in the world.

When Clara was taken away, she was still afraid of people and did not even go to Camilla. However, she trusted other dogs, two more dogs lived in the girl’s house. With them, Clara felt safe.

After the course of treatment, Clara stopped trembling. Veterinarians have cured her of many ailments. When 7 months passed, she became an unrecognizable dog.

Now the dog adores its owner, who gave her a new life. Now she lives in a full-fledged family. If there were more people like this girl in the world, the world would become better and kinder.

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