The dog suffered from pain on the street. Kind people could not pass by.

The dog suffered from pain on the street. Kind people could not pass by.

The Clara stray dog ​​was found wounded in the center of the city of Dnipro. The dog was in great agony. Fortunately, kind people got in the way. They found the volunteers’ phone number and informed them of the suffering animal.

It can be assumed that Clara was hit by a car. Animal advocates took her to the hospital for a veterinary check-up.

It turned out that Clara was injured even more then it seemed at first. Her bladder was torn, and her bones were broken and they injured her stomach. The fact that she survived and did not die instantly can be considered a true miracle.

The doctors said honestly that the chances of salvation are extremely small, but they tried to do everything possible to save the poor thing.

The operation was long and very difficult. The specialists had to cut the dog’s stomach. After the operation, Clara didn’t wake up for a long time, but still came to her senses. The doctors did a great job. Now everything depended only on her.

In the early days after the operation, Clara was very bad. She couldn’t even breathe on her own. The animal was in an oxygen box. Fortunately, the dog gradually began to recover.

Due to the stomach surgery, the dog was not allowed to eat. Clara had been starving for a week. Despite this, her condition improved every day. The doctors developed a special diet, prescribed soft food and allowed it to be taken from the clinic.

The dog was left with a woman, who works as a volunteer. It will take her a long time to fully recover, but there is no threat to her life.

Recently the dog was between life and death. Now she is safe, thanks to the efforts of the doctors.

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