The dog saved the kittens, which were buried alive.

The dog saved the kittens, which were buried alive.

A young girl went for a walk with her dog named Watson. Suddenly the dog stopped near the garbage containers and started digging in the snow.

The girl then said that Watson began to abruptly rummage in the snow, and then pulled tiny cats out of it.

If not for Watson’s good olfactory, the kittens would have died a terrible death. It is hard to believe that there are people in the world who are capable of such actions. The kids were so cold that they didn’t even make any sounds. They began to come to their senses when the dog licked them.

After that, the girl took two kids to her house, she cured the kittens, nothing threatens their health. Kittens live in the same house with their savior.

“I won’t give them to anyone, you can probably guess for what reason,” said the owner of Watson and the rescued kittens.

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