The dog saved the child who was left by the mother in the cold, warming the baby for 2 days.

The dog saved the child who was left by the mother in the cold, warming the baby for 2 days.

About severe frosts in Ukraine, they say “a good owner will not kick a dog out of the house.” This story happened many years ago, when it was just such frosts on the street.

Residents of the entrance saw that the dog had been lying on the stairs for two days already, while not getting up and not changing its position. The tenants began to discuss what happened to the dog, that she could only lie down and breathe, but did not even try to get up. So that the dog would not freeze to death in the entrance, we decided to ask one of the neighbors to shelter her, already when we were going to the woman we saw that the dog had covered the child with herself…

Under the dog lay a two-year-old boy, whom his mother had abandoned on the street in severe frosts. The yard dog not only noticed the baby, she also warmed him up and continued to warm him for two days so that the child would not die of hypothermia.

People immediately took the child and took him to the doctor. The hospital diagnosed hypothermia and general weakness, but nothing threatened the child’s life, because a stray dog ​​took care of him.

The boy’s mother was found by the police, she had to answer for her cruel act. The boy was sent to an orphanage, nothing threatens his life and health. The dog, as before, is homeless, but for the whole village she became a heroine, because she risked her life to save the child.

This story is amazing and scary at the same time. The dog turned out to be more prone to kindness and sympathy than a person. Leaving the child in the cold, his mother went for a walk for a week and did not even remember her baby. The dog proved to be a much better mother than the woman who gave birth to the boy.

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