The dog rummaged through the trash, only got out not food and not garbage, but a puppy.

The dog rummaged through the trash, only got out not food and not garbage, but a puppy.

Almost every one of us has seen dogs rummaging through the trash. Most often, stray animals look for food there. This is exactly what the guy thought when, looking out from the balcony, he saw a neighbor’s dog that was rummaging through the trash. Nothing in this spectacle alarmed the young man.

The dog was looking for something for a long time, and when she found it, it became clear that she was not hungry at all and did all this work not at all for the sake of the bone. Looking more closely, the guy realized that the dog was carrying a small black puppy in its teeth.

It immediately became clear how the puppy ended up among the garbage. The neighbor’s dog brought the puppies, but her owners did not leave them with their mother, but immediately threw them into the tank. The dog felt that her baby was nearby, so she made every effort to find and save him. The guy watching the scene from the balcony called the animal rights activists.

Volunteers decided that the puppy would be better off in a shelter, but his mother would not let people near him. Realizing that it would not be possible to separate the family, the volunteers decided to take their mother with them.

The puppy was still tiny, he did not even have time to open his eyes. The baby needed mother’s milk, but because of excitement and fear, she lost it. The baby was found a nurse, a dog who fed him with milk. While the puppy is still under the care of volunteers, but as soon as he gets stronger and becomes independent, he will start looking for a family.

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