The dog returned to the people who saved her life, breaking 160 km.

The dog returned to the people who saved her life, breaking 160 km.

5 years ago, an elderly couple was walking down the street and noticed a dog that, by all indications, was pregnant. The couple saw that she was not in a particularly good condition, so they decided to take her in to save the life of her and her future offspring.

They named the dog Piper and began to treat her. Soon she gave birth to healthy puppies, which were given to good hands when they grew up and learned to eat themselves.

After the couple decided to give Piper away, as they were afraid that they would not be able to cope with caring for her. They sent the pet to their friends who lived in another city.

The path to the new owners was not close, about 160 km. However, two weeks later, the animal ran away from the new home. How surprised the elderly couple who saved the dog was when they saw Piper on their doorstep.

To return home to his rescuers, the dog had to walk 160 km. She returned home very emaciated, and her paws were injured from a long journey. The family quickly fed Piper, and then bathed. The animal then slept for two days.

The couple realized that the dog wanted to be with them and would not go anywhere, so they decided to keep her. Called friends and said that Piper returned to them and they would keep her.

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