The dog ran away from the new owners to his loving and former owner.

The dog ran away from the new owners to his loving and former owner.

This is a very touching story about loyalty and friendship.

Seneca Kruger has helped dogs for many years. She fed, taught and treated dogs found on the street. Seneca says that she loved each of her wards in her own way and parting with them was not easy, but the woman always knew that this was for the best, because the animals left her for their home to new owners.

Quite different happened with Zelda, a German shepherd, who had increased anxiety. Seneca spent time and energy on the treatment of a shepherd dog, and after a while, Zelda again believed people. The woman became very attached to the shepherd, she did not even want to look for a new family for her, thinking about keeping Zelda for herself.

However, new owners for Zelda were found, and Seneca decided that this was for the best, because her pet would be well taken care of and given her a lot of attention. The parting of Seneca and Zelda was very difficult, the woman did not want to let the animal go, but she understood that this had to be done.

A couple of days later, the new owners of Zelda called and said that the dog had run away from them. Seneca made a lot of efforts to find the dog, but she did not succeed. Three months passed and the police informed the woman that Zelda had been seen in her area.

It became obvious that, having become attached to Seneca, the dog decided to find her. The meeting took place very soon and was touching.

The new owners of Zelda turned out to be understanding people and agreed that it is better for the dog to live with Seneca. Now the dog and her owner are doing well, they are happy every day enjoying each other’s company.

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