The dog looked pitifully at every passer-by. A guy in an expensive coat stopped.

The dog looked pitifully at every passer-by. A guy in an expensive coat stopped.

In summer, the street dog did not have many worries, so he sincerely loved this time of year. All autumn he had to look for shelter for himself, wherever rain and wind wouldn’t penetrate, and in winter he had to take care of simply not freezing on the street, because the temperature in Siberia drops to sometimes frightening levels.

The cold was a test not only for the dog. The dog often came to ask for food at the same store. In the summer, people came out of it cheerful, they laughed, treated him to bread, it happened that they even stroked him. In winter, they were serious, they were in a hurry, people simply did not notice the dog under their feet.

This day did not work out in the morning: a large dog drove away from the garbage can, and people did not notice the dog, therefore, he was still very hungry.

The dog wagged his tail in a friendly way, tried to look into the eyes of passers-by, but they passed by without even treating him to bread. The dog realized that he was destined to remain hungry, so as not to get wet in the rain, which began to intensify, the animal crawled under the bench.

A few minutes later, a guy sat down on a bench with a neat haircut and a coat that looked very expensive. The guy was talking on the phone, sometimes he even started yelling at an invisible interlocutor. The dog decided that he needed to find another place, he knew well that people are afraid to offend each other, but they willingly take out their anger on him.

The dog began to carefully crawl out of his hiding place, but the man noticed him. The guy looked sad, it seemed he was ready to cry.

The dog realized that evil should not be expected from this person, so he did not run away, but began to fawn on the person. The guy stroked the dog, and then went to his car. The dog remained sitting, half leaning out from under the bench.

After walking a couple of meters, the man stopped and looked back. He looked closely at the dog.

The dog sat in the car and looked around in surprise. The dog had never ridden in a car before, so he tried not to even move, so as not to accidentally break anything. The dog did not yet know that his life on the street was over, now he does not need to look for where to hide from the rain and get his own food in the garbage heaps.

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