The dog looked like an old man who had outlived his life and lost the desire to live.

The dog looked like an old man who had outlived his life and lost the desire to live.

At first glance, this dog seemed to me quite old and had already lost the desire to live.

That day, I came to pick up a chocolate colored setter mix who was roaming the streets. Having already found the setter, I was walking past the kiosk and noticed this dog.

The dog lay gazing before him with an indifferent look. I treated the dog to a sausage and when he opened his mouth to take it, I noticed that his teeth were completely white. Obviously, the dog was young, but the hard life on the street made him look quite like an old man.

Together with the setter, I went home, but my thoughts still did not go to a young dog with the look of an old man whose life is coming to an end.

In the evening, together with my husband, I returned to Maloyaroslavets. We found the dog in the same place near the station. The dog reacted indifferently to what we put on its collar, without the slightest emotion, got into the car with us and also calmly then moved into the aviary.

The dog’s apathy lasted for several days, then he nevertheless allowed himself to believe that we would not offend him, and this belief completely transformed the dog.

In my memory, not one dog before was so happy to communicate with people and his own place.

Pitter is the most joyful and good-natured dog I have ever met. He loves people and is ready to give his love to everyone who meets on his way.

For two years, we have not been able to find new owners for Pitter in our country, but we have found a home for him in the USA. A couple of our wards already live in this country and we believe that Pitter will be truly happy there.

But for two years of PR in Russia, no one wanted to take it. Therefore, Pitter flies to America. There already happily live in the families of Alice and Waltz. And Pitter is a very worthy contender for love!

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