The dog left by the family does not want to part with his favorite toy.

The dog left by the family does not want to part with his favorite toy.

Owners give their pets to shelters for a variety of reasons. For some, the age of the pet becomes a problem. Others move and do not want to take the animal with them.

Are these reasons considered valid? Is it possible to call such people masters?

Lola is a young pit bull dog. she ended up in an orphanage as her family got rid of her.

These people felt that they already had too many animals, so Lola did not belong in the house. The poor fellow was simply put out on the street. She was saved by an organization that provides assistance to injured animals.

The owner of the dog said so bluntly:

“There are already five animals in our house. In addition, there are two more children. We can’t keep Lola in our house anymore.»

Lola was madly in love with the children with whom she lived in the family. After the betrayal of the owners, she was completely morally destroyed.

“It can be seen that she feels bad and uncomfortable in the shelter. Lola feels terrible. The only thing that reminded Lola of home was a plush toy.”

Lola never leaves the teddy bear. She does not part with him for a minute.

“The teddy bear at least calms Lola a little. It became a stress reliever for her, ”said the shelter workers.

Despite the betrayal that poor Lola endured, she remained a positive and cheerful dog. Even such a misfortune could not take away her love for life .

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