The dog lay on the side of the road and cried.

The dog lay on the side of the road and cried.

We found out about this dog in the middle of the night. Now no one remembers whether they told us about him or if one of the volunteers noticed him. The dog just lay on the ground and cried. When we arrived, there were people standing next to the dog who were in a state of shock.

Just before the eyes of these people, Mike, who, although he was homeless, was well known to the residents of the area, was run over by a Bus. People claimed that the car could have passed the dog, but the driver deliberately drove over the animal, deliberately turning to the side of the road, where the dog rested almost every day.

It’s hard to summarize what happened next. The dog had to be taken to Samara twice, his spine was operated on, and together we went through a long rehabilitation. The treatment took a lot of effort.

We did our best to restore Mike’s ability to walk, every day the owners of the overexposure did special exercises with him. Our efforts did not bring the expected result, but they cannot be called in vain either. The dog can stand on its own for a short time and take a couple of steps. The veterinarians say that Mike will be able to move only with the help of a wheelchair.

The dog does not lose optimism and adapts to the new situation. Now he is surrounded by friends, people who give him their attention, and receives delicious treats every day. Mike can’t walk, but every day when the hostess of the overexposure comes home from work, he quickly crawls into the hallway to greet his «mom».

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