The dog growled with pain and waited for help. People indifferently passed by.

The dog growled with pain and waited for help. People indifferently passed by.

A month ago people noticed the dog. The dog moved only on three paws, and the fourth, or rather its remnant, the poor fellow was pressing. It is unclear what happened to this dog.

Who harmed him? The question is open. It can be people, his brothers or cars. A month ago, the dog urgently needed help. However, he did not receive it from anyone. People silently watched the dog, but no one helped the animal.

Within a month, several people called me from different numbers. They all called about this dog. people put pressure on pity, told that the dog was ill and needed help. However, none of them offered to participate in the rescue of the dog. Everyone hoped that someone else would take care of these concerns.

I also could not help the dog, at that time I was absent. The people I had hoped for didn’t help either.

I posted an ad asking for help. Again, there were no helpers. There were only advisers who offered to save the dog from such a difficult fate.

As soon as I returned, I immediately went to look for the poor fellow. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. We searched for two days, but to no avail. Suddenly a woman called and said:

“Some dog stepped over my fence and fell.”

So we found the dog. He was in a terrible state. The bone turned black, the skin peeled off one paw. A terrible sight!

The city veterinarian said that he would not be able to see us on the day off. He suggested rescheduling the visit to Monday afternoon. I feared that the dog might not make it to that day. The regional veterinary hospital agreed to receive us on Monday morning.

Also, it was recommended to prepare for surgery. I turned to the Friends clinic, but the specialists who work there refused to provide services on credit, and there were no funds.

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