The dog fed and protected the kitten, which was left in a deep hole

The dog fed and protected the kitten, which was left in a deep hole

The saying goes that other people’s children do not exist. This statement applies not only to the human world, but also to animals. There are a huge number of stories about how animals nursed cubs that were not even related to their species. The situation that will be discussed here took place in the small town of Anderson, which is located in North Carolina .

From a deep pit came a heart-rending howl of a dog. People who walked in the park were afraid to go down into the ravine on their own, so they called a specialized animal rescue service. One of the workers of the organization named Michelle came to the call.

The brave woman went down into the ravine to find out what was the matter. What she saw moved her to the depths of her soul. A small dog lay next to an even tinier kitten. It was seen that the dog is very worried about the baby and shows care and love for him. Also, the cat ate dog milk. Probably some cruel person threw the crumbs into the pit.

For 3-4 days the dog nursed the kitten, then realized that they could not cope without human help and began to howl so that they could be found.

A volunteer girl brought animals to the organization she was an employee of. Also, the girl posted ads on the search for owners for animals. Kind people were quickly found who took the dog and the kitten to their home .

The happy girl wrote on her page on the social network that she loves her job for such stories with a happy ending.

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