The dog did not leave the empty car for 9 months: his owner died in an accident.

The dog did not leave the empty car for 9 months: his owner died in an accident.

The story of Hachiko has become known to the whole world, it is cited as an example when they talk about the sincere loyalty that animals are capable of. The disinterestedness of love and the great devotion of dogs to people is also proved by this story, which happened in one of the cities of Brazil.

The dog was sitting in the backyard of the local road service for 9 months. Day and night, the animal was near the broken car left here, because it was in it that she last saw her master.

Nine months ago, the dog’s owner had an accident that ended his life. The dog was in the car with the man, she was frightened and huddled under the seats so hard that the rescuers did not immediately notice her.

The dog was found in the car after the mutilated car was taken to the parking lot. The rescuers decided that the dog would need the help of a veterinarian, but the frightened animal did not want to approach people.

Pablo Guimares dos Santos, who works in the road department, took care of the animal. Every day the man brought food to the dog and after a month the dog began to trust Pablo. The man named the dog Sorte, which means «lucky», because the dog was really lucky to survive in a serious accident.

Pablo and Sorte become friends, but at the end of the day the dog still goes to sleep under the previous owner’s car.

The story of this dog is another proof that dogs can love with such power that not all people are capable of.

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