The dog could not stand up and whimpered in pain.

The dog could not stand up and whimpered in pain.

A week ago, a guy called and excitedly said that a dog was lying in the village, which was injured. He can’t take him in his arms, because he immediately starts to whine, which is not clear to him.

We said that we would take the dog, and the guys who found him brought him to us, for which we thank you.

That’s how we got Jerry. After examining him, the volunteer found a wound under the shoulder blade and some foreign object in the head area. He was given first aid. Early in the morning the dog was already in the clinic.

They took an X-ray, which showed two bullets. They immediately performed an emergency operation.

At the moment, Jerry feels well, he is no longer in the hospital, but doctors are still monitoring him. Of course, he needs rehabilitation and care.

Jerry turned out to be a calm dog, he was just frightened and a little snapped.

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