The dog could not eat solid food because he did not have part of the lower jaw.

The dog could not eat solid food because he did not have part of the lower jaw.

Most of the dogs in the shelter are quite large, so it immediately became clear that a one and a half kilogram toy terrier would not take root in such a company. Knowing that I help such kids, the volunteers asked to pick up the baby. As soon as I saw the photo, I realized that I would definitely try to help this dog, because she was so similar to our Nik, who recently died.

When we took the dog, it immediately became clear that she was seriously underweight. Even for such small breeds, 1.5 kg is very little. Tom immediately showed problems with food — he could not eat solid food and even keep his tongue in his mouth. It was noticeable that the dog was already an old man.

Examination by a veterinarian and analyzes showed that the situation was complicated: the dog’s lower jaw was removed, there were almost no teeth, but there were many fistulas in the mouth, and there were problems with the liver on the face. After removing the diseased teeth and prescribing a dozen drugs, the doctor sent us to be treated.

We named the sand Niky, it took time to get used to its very difficult character. Niky loves to dress up, but she categorically refuses to take things off, each time making a scandal and up to the last defending her right to be dressed.

Over time, other health problems also appeared — at some point, Niky had back pain, or was so strong that he could not even stand up.

I had to go through another course of treatment, and the dog got used to even going to bed dressed.

Our original plan was to find Niky a new family, but he needs constant treatment and special care, so we were afraid to trust him to anyone. So Niky stayed with us.

Treatment eased the condition and allowed the dog to eat normally. Solid food does not suit him, but he eats porridge and meat with pleasure.

Niky has gained weight up to 4 kg and now he can hardly fit into his beloved blouses.

Despite his advanced age, Niky loves to play, and he also loves warmth and sleeps only under the covers, clinging to me with his whole body. The dog did not like to undress and, as before, is desperately fighting to stay in a blouse.

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