The dog came to the police, saving another animal on his back.

The dog came to the police, saving another animal on his back.

Policemen from India were very surprised when they saw a small dog on the threshold of their station, which carried something on its back. The dog was not afraid of people, on the contrary, she purposefully entered the building of the station and the police immediately realized that she was asking for help, though not for herself…

Animals sometimes surprise us with their boundless capacity for compassion, which extends not only to relatives and people, but also to representatives of other species. The dog was walking through the city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh when he saw a small animal. The baby dangled helplessly by the lake, so the dog decided to take patronage over him.

The confused animal turned out to be a little monkey. She was torn from her mother too early, and there was no doubt that people had done it — there was a collar around the animal’s neck.

Instincts told the dog that the animal would not be able to live on the street on its own, so she decided to help. The dog allowed the monkey to climb on its back, and then carried it to seek help. The animals got to the police station by accident, but this accident turned out to be happy.

In the pictures taken by the police, it can be seen that the monkey firmly grabbed the dog’s back, and the latter only twists its tail.

At the station, the dog left the monkey in the care of the staff, but thanks to the photos taken by people, both animals quickly became real heroes of the Internet.

The police offered the monkey a banana and called representatives of the service that deals with wild animals. Specialists have taken the baby and eventually release it into the wild.

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